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Picking the Perfect Condo for Family Living in Singapore

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Singapore only has so much land mass. There is a lot of urbanization. When you have only so much land mass with the open ocean on one side of you, what do you do? Well, we fill in the ocean and start to extend our land outward. Plus, we build upward. You can fit more people in the same square feet of ground space if you have levels of habitation that rise upwards. However, we preserve natural areas by building them into the buildings themselves. The Bellewoods EC, executive condominiums, are another example of modern building methods in Singapore.

We like water features such as swimming pools and spas. We build natural areas along with our pools to make aquatic forests. Instead of just a hole in the ground, our swimming pools and spas are built with the natural environment in mind. You can swim among trees in a beautiful infinity pool. Read More

We Still Use Our Portable Ice Maker After We Got the One in Our Refrigerator Fixed

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When the ice maker in our refrigerator broke, it was too expensive to fix at the time. It went out after the warranty had expired. Isn’t that how it usually is? We use a lot of ice here. Me, my wife and the kids put ice in water, diet soda and I even cool off hot coffee and tea with it. I looked at portable ice maker reviews to see which ones hold up the best. They are easy to use, and they fit on your countertop at home. They are not noisy, and they make a decent amount of ice.

The nice thing about them is that you can take them with you. We use ours on vacation when we rent a cabin at a local state park. The cabin has a refrigerator but no ice maker. They all work on the same concept. You pour fresh water into the reservoir and turn the ice maker on. They plug into regular household current. We have even used ours with a generator before. Read More

Renovating and Refurnishing After the Empty Nest Begins

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We picked out a lot of the furniture for the rooms in our house years ago at a furniture store. We did not enjoy the experience or the selection. However, we figured we would drive to a couple stores in our area again now that we were looking for new furniture. Well, we decided to actually buy furniture at the NovaSolo furniture website instead. I did not like the experience in a furniture store. It felt like I was trying to make a deal on a new car. I would rather just shop for what I want and pay a fair set price.

Plus, I like to have a large selection of color options and styles without having to hear that the piece would then have to be custom made. I tried that once, and it took forever to get it. Plus, we paid too much. We decided to get what we actually wanted at a better price by shopping at the NovoSolo furniture store online. We got rugs, occasional tables, seating and bedroom furniture to redecorate our house after the renovations were done. Read More