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Effective Eyelash Solution when You’re Having Problems

By October 13, 2017Wines

Using bimatoprost ophthalmic solution after getting my glaucoma treated turned out to be an excellent solution to a problem I didn’t think I would have because of this condition. When you’ve got glaucoma as bad as I do, you’re not really worried about your eyelashes. You spend most of your time worried about having an attack and the subsequent headaches that usually result from said attack. And glaucoma can really ruin your day. When I feel a headache coming on, I clear my calendar because I know I’m going to be useless for hours if not days. It’s a real bummer.

The eyelash problem started when I got my treatments at the eye doctor’s office. They give you some drops that you use to help keep the eye pressure down, and one of the side effects (at least for me) was a negative effect on my eyelashes. They got awfully brittle and lost a lot of their length. This can be a huge problem because with many people, losing your eyelashes can be permanent. So the doctor suggested the solution because he said it has been shown to lengthen and thicken eyelashes. Apparently, doctors discovered this stuff works by accident.

So I started using it in conjunction with my other treatments and I have to say it works very well! Looking in the mirror, I definitely noticed a major improvement. In fact, they actually looked longer than ever before. I thought maybe that was just me overreacting, but my spouse noticed it immediately. Then other people noticed it as well, so it’s definitely not just me imagining things. I’m sensitive enough about my eyes with the glaucoma, so to have something positive associated with my eyes is a really nice change. I have nice, thick eyelashes and I actually look more attractive because of it!