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Great Gifts for a Bachelorette Party

By January 25, 2017Wines

My sister is getting married and of course we’re having a party. I looked online for sex toys because, quite frankly, my sister has always been a bit of a get out there and have fun type of girl if you know what I mean. I wasn’t looking to embarrass her, of course, but rather just have fun with her reputation and make the party a bit racy. I really wasn’t even sure what I was looking for specifically, just that it had to be a bit naughty and fun. I was sure I could find something online that would fit the bill.

And boy was I not disappointed! I found a great site online that is literally overflowing with all sorts of products of the night, to invent a phrase, and it was actually tough to narrow down the options. I had another girlfriend who is also going to the party look things over with me so we could find something funny and possibly useful for my sister’s party and her honeymoon afterwards. We made a few risque choices and then discarded them as we thought they were too over the top. I have to say we had a lot of laughs ourselves looking through the products.

We settled on a sexy outfit, which was actually not what we initially considered, as we figured it would be something her and her husband could share after the wedding. It was a snap to find her favorite color, add the product to the cart, and complete the order. I was impressed at the lightening fast delivery time as well. The outfit arrived in plenty of time for the party and my sister loved it, although she threw me the stink eye jokingly a couple of times after opening the present. She’s going to make an impression on her honeymoon for sure.