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I Have a Really Important New Job

By April 18, 2017Wines

I just started working for the company a few days ago and already I have been spending about three days in training. In fact they called it verkooptraining, because the company is owned by a big Dutch conglomerate. I have been in sales for years, but this is a completely different thing. We are not selling things in the sense that you sell a person a car or a piece of machinery. Instead what you are selling is an integrated system. You have to get the machines, but the more critical parts of the system are the software systems and the training for the technicians that operate the systems. It is a really big thing to learn all of the stuff that you need to know, the client is going to have a lot of questions and you need to be an expert on a lot of things. I am trying to memorize all sorts of thing, but you have to know more than the textbooks.

At any rate I am not going to be out in the field alone for a good long time. They are going to send me out with one of the best people that we have and it is going to be his job to figure out when I am ready for flying solo. That probably is not going to be any time soon, there is just too much to know and there is a whole lot at stake. In fact making one sale is going to be a huge accomplishment. You are not going to be selling this stuff like it was hot cakes, but when you do make a sale it is going to be a really big deal. That is something that the company is going to understand at it’s very core.


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