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Loads of Fun for Every Adult

By March 19, 2018Wines

My husband and I have always been a fan of sex toys and have been on a hunt for a website that was a one stop shop for his and her toys. It wasn’t until we found www.honeylicious.co.uk (or Honeylicious for short) that we dived into the world further! This site has everything that we could have wanted or needed. There is a men’s section that has toys that stimulate him and there are vibrators and dildos for her. Among all the toys, they also offer really great quality lingerie, which is something I personally enjoy.

On of the upsides to Honeylicious is the free shipping and discreet boxing. If you have nosy neighbors like I do, then this is a heaven sent.. and so is what is inside the box! I never have to worry that a toy that me and my husband bought together is going to ever be found out by the elderly couple across the street. However, that might bring up some very interested conversations with them! You never know with people now a days. As well as free shipping on every order, you get free gifts as well. I’ve gotten nipple clamps to pocket vibrator with my orders. It’s like Christmas with each other, you never really know what gift you get!

One of the best toys on www.honeylicious.co.uk, is the GJack. The packaging itself is great for this vibrator and the toy itself does the job. Trust me! It’s got a slick design and is compact enough that you can take it with you on trips for a little vacation fun. My husband loves it because it’s easy to hold and quiet, I love it because it’s a great vibrator and would recommend it to anyone! If that toy isn’t up to your speed there are softer vibrators and there are more powerful ones on the site to check out. I am glad that I found this site for all my sexual pleasure needs!