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Prune Your Trees and Have Their Health Checked to Prevent Serious Damage

By February 21, 2018Wines

Every year we call a tree service in Long Island NY to prune the trees in our yard and check their health. Every so often they take core samples to see if the trees are rotting inside. Some trees can have the entire inner heartwood rotted away with only the bark and other surface layers being intact. The canopy of leaves can appear healthy, but the structural integrity of the trees can be compromised due to no heartwood to hold them up. These trees can topple in a breeze or just on their own. We used to have Silver Maples, but we had them cut down. They grow too tall and spindly, and they can crack and fall without any warning.

I have seen large oak trees in our neighborhood come down during a wind storm. Oaks can be massive and oak is a very heavy wood. It can smash through a roof and collapse brick walls. I read a story once were someone was killed by a tree crashing through the roof. We like our trees, but we do not want any freak accidents like that happening. We do not have any trees that are massive any more. We had them removed. Now we have much smaller trees such as some apple and plum trees. We have Japanese Maple trees too. Nothing really tall or with thick, massive trunks.

Our neighbor has some very tall Silver Maples. They have to be 80 feet high at the minimum. They usually grow in a clump of several tree trunks joined together. One that jutted out to the side cracked and fell. The tree’s canopy just barely touched his house on the way down. The branches scraped the siding off of his house as the tree went down. Another neighbor had a concrete block garage turned into a pile of rubble when an oak tree fell on it. You need to keep your trees pruned and have them checked every year.