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Renovating and Refurnishing After the Empty Nest Begins

By November 28, 2016Wines

We picked out a lot of the furniture for the rooms in our house years ago at a furniture store. We did not enjoy the experience or the selection. However, we figured we would drive to a couple stores in our area again now that we were looking for new furniture. Well, we decided to actually buy furniture at the NovaSolo furniture website instead. I did not like the experience in a furniture store. It felt like I was trying to make a deal on a new car. I would rather just shop for what I want and pay a fair set price.

Plus, I like to have a large selection of color options and styles without having to hear that the piece would then have to be custom made. I tried that once, and it took forever to get it. Plus, we paid too much. We decided to get what we actually wanted at a better price by shopping at the NovoSolo furniture store online. We got rugs, occasional tables, seating and bedroom furniture to redecorate our house after the renovations were done. Everything looked so nice being all fresh and brand new.

The kids were now grown up and in college. We redid everything from the kitchen to the bedrooms. Our son’s room is now a guest room, and our daughter’s room is an office. No more cluttered dining room table for our photography business. We turned our empty nest into a useful and modern space. When the kids are home on break from college, one will be sleeping on the couch. It’s not like they didn’t do that all the time anyway. I was always booting one of them out of the living room after falling asleep on the couch watching movies. Also, with having three dogs, it’s not any quieter without the kids.