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We Still Use Our Portable Ice Maker After We Got the One in Our Refrigerator Fixed

By December 9, 2016Wines

When the ice maker in our refrigerator broke, it was too expensive to fix at the time. It went out after the warranty had expired. Isn’t that how it usually is? We use a lot of ice here. Me, my wife and the kids put ice in water, diet soda and I even cool off hot coffee and tea with it. I looked at portable ice maker reviews to see which ones hold up the best. They are easy to use, and they fit on your countertop at home. They are not noisy, and they make a decent amount of ice.

The nice thing about them is that you can take them with you. We use ours on vacation when we rent a cabin at a local state park. The cabin has a refrigerator but no ice maker. They all work on the same concept. You pour fresh water into the reservoir and turn the ice maker on. They plug into regular household current. We have even used ours with a generator before. Ours has survived trips in our SUV and stays most of the time on our kitchen counter at home. We did finally get the ice maker in our refrigerator fixed, but we like the ice from our ice machine. It is softer and is the perfect size, especially if you like to eat the ice after finishing your drink.

You can pour in bottled water to make your ice if you do not like the tap water where you live. Ours is not too bad, as long as you run it through a filter. I would not want to drink it without the extra filtration. We use the filtered water in our ice maker at home, and we use bottled water when we are camping. The gallons of bottled drinking water make a lot of ice.