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Works Wonders on Your Eyelashes

By October 19, 2017Wines

Careprost in Canada paid off for me in a big way in regards to my eyelashes. We’ve all heard the stories about eyelashes. You’re either born with long, beautiful lashes or you’re not. If they’re damaged, they won’t grow back. They can go from long to non-existent and there is nothing you can do about it. If you’ve got cancer and get chemotherapy, they’ll fall out and never grow back. There are probably more myths about eyelashes, but these are the ones I’m familiar with thanks to friends and articles I’ve read online. Maybe some of them used to be true.

Not now though because I’ve found a solution to less than perfect eyelashes. The substance I got, mentioned above, and which I only found by accident through an article online about how to get better eyelashes, works absolute wonders on your eyelashes. In my case, mine were very fine and not at all visible. Even if I used cosmetics on them, they looked tiny and sad. There’s nothing that will throw off the look of your face more than mediocre eyelashes. That’s why this stuff is such a boon to any girl looking to improve their look.

The substance came about because it helped glaucoma sufferers regain their eyelashes after receiving medical treatment. Apparently there is some bad side effects of these treatments and one of them is destroyed eyelashes. I don’t know anything about that, but it doesn’t matter because this substance will work for anyone looking to get thicker, longer eyelashes. I’m living proof it works. In fact, it worked so well that people I know immediately made comments about my eyelashes! It’s like they’re so much longer than people can’t fail but to notice them. It’s a miracle and I’m passing the word on to anyone who will listen.